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Semarang Rent A Car has many interesting attractions to be visited, start from historical tours to culinary tours. so, ease of mobility is the main consideration for those who want to visit from one place to another. rent a car is the right choice to facilitate your mobility while in Semarang. You can rent a car from our trusted partners through the Hudarentcar. There are many types of cars that can be selected as needed.

Welcome to Semarang

Semarang has an essential role as the capital of Central Java. The Mayor of Semarang called this city, “Pelabuhannya Jawa”. This title came from anyone who travels from the west-most edge to the east-most edge of Java Island (or vice versa) will pass through Semarang. Although it still maintains a classic atmosphere and local traditions, Semarang is one of the most developed cities in Java. Semarang is classified as a metropolis city and become the fifth largest metropolitan in the country after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung as well. The economy of Semarang has grown as can be seen from many clusters of skyscrapers that fulfill the integrated business area of Simpang Lima, Pemuda Central and the Golden Triangle of Gajah Mada. Baca Juga: Antar Jemput Semarang


Info Semarang Rent A Car

Semarang Rent A Car has many interesting attractions to be visited, start from historical tours to culinary tours. Semarang tourism is also an advanced one. in Semarang is complete with tourist destinations that able to pamper all tourists. The city, which is famous for Lumpia, displays the acculturation of cultural and natural beauty to attract local and foreign tourists. Those local particularities bring Semarang into a mainstay destination for historical, culinary, religious and natural tourism. Few of the tourism icons of Semarang are Lawang Sewu, Blenduk Church and Tugu Muda. Those destinations are widespread around Kawasan Kota Tua (Semarang Old City) on Jalan Soeprapto. The tourists are usually getting around the area by car rental. Once satisfied with the weekend, tourists usually visiting Semawis Market in the night. This culinary market has become a significant place for tourists to enjoy Semarang typical food and various other Nusantara dishes.

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